Company Overview


We seek to keep our clients fully satisfied for the services we produce in field of transport

We safeguard the safety as our most important consideration in all our

Our company highly consider the moral and professional measures.
We seek to keep our company as pioneer in the field of land transport
services via trucks within and out of the Kingdom

We do seek entering in partnerships with our clients aiming to secure
mutual success for both parties


Our task is to provide suitable solutions for realizing the needs for trade
and transport safeguarding the delivery at suitable time safety and less cost 1


We seek the development of transportation in transportation to go side by side with speedy development in our country and realizing the goal of the vision of the Kingdom 2030
We aim to take a part in flourish and progress in our esteemed country


In a market with high competition, Al-Ayed Company for Contracting and Transportation commits to provide excellent services for its clients with highest level of quality in all facets

Thus this is our policy to strengthen improve and safeguard the satisfactory of
our clients via providing services meet the international standard This is what
enabled our company to keep distinguished reputation between companies in the field of transportation

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